3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours

Great news here at CBPM Real Estate from 01st March 2023, we will become the first Estate Agency in the Laois to show case new market technology for 3D Virtual viewings in HD.

A 3D Virtual Tour literally brings your property to life and allows you to have an “Open House 24/7”. It inspires buyers and is ideal for Time Less Purchasers. 3D Tours are the most realistic way to view a property online. Standard photographs and 2D virtual tours tell buyers what a property looks like, whereas you can show them what it feels like, with a 3D Virtual Tour.

With modern technology, Google maps takes the viewer to the house, and the CBPM 3D virtual tour gives the viewer a tour of the property. This 3D tour, with a ‘doll house’ overview in HD and immersive floor plans can be viewed on any device or through a VR headset.

CBPM, cannot change anything in the tour, and the viewer can take as long as they want looking in each room, from the comfort of wherever in the world they are.

By enabling your prospective buyers to see your property in 3D, you can stand out from the competition. Sellers will be happy that their property is being showcased with superior technology; buyers will be impressed with the visually rich experience. 

A 3D Virtual tour allows a realistic view of a space’s size, the ability to see the space from any angle, and of course, the simplicity of accessing the 3D Virtual Tour from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our virtual tours also create HDR-quality still photographs, accurate 3D measurements and high-quality scale drawings from one single property visit and one piece of equipment.

If you are looking to Sell your property, and want to stand out from other properties on the market,  visit us at www.cbpm.ie. Remember, one extra bid can be worth thousands of euros, so go the extra mile.

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