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We have signed up 4500+ tenants and are confident that we will find a suitable tenant for your property. If we don’t then there’s no hidden marketing or listing fees.

Our transparent fee structures ensure there’s no surprises.

Let Only

Let Only

If you’re comfortable dealing with your tenants and understand your rights and obligations as a Landlord then this is the option for you. We’ll find you a tenant, move them in and sign them up for utilities – you’ll be the point of contact for all requests and issues that arise during the tenancy.

We always like to meet new Landlords but this is not always practical. If you’re not available you can send us the keys or perhaps give us the contact details of your current tenants and we’ll arrange a suitable time to visit the property.

We’ll explore the options with you and advise if necessary. This initial meeting is an opportunity for you decide if you’d like to work with us – there’s no obligation to proceed.

We know the local rental market and we’ll tell you just how much we can get for your property. Our honest and expert opinions are the result of 13 years experience. There’s a strong possibility we’ll know somebody looking for a property like yours.

You can’t rent a house without one, it’s required on all advertising.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one – we can organise it for you.

If you decide you’d like CBPM to rent your property you will need to sign the Property Services Agreement. This is a statutory contract (we can’t rent your house without it) which outlines our fees and includes details of the duration of the contract.

We’ll photograph and advertise your property on all major property websites but it’s likely we will already have a client for your property. CBPM are dedicated to achieving the highest possible rent but not at the expense of tenant quality. A poor tenant can cost you a lot more than just a few months missed rent.

Real Estate is not a 9 to 5 business, we’re available to carry out viewings whenever potential tenants are available to view. Late evenings and weekends are the norm at CBPM.

The ‘ideal’ tenant wants to rent your house. We’ll ask for work and previous landlord references, bank references if appropriate and proof of residency at their previous address. We’ve seen and heard it all at CBPM and we know what to look out for.

Tenants may have small requests but we’ll advise you of these before accepting a deposit. It’s our policy to ensure there are no surprises for either the Landlord or tenant after they sign the lease.

Following reference checks and your approval we will take a booking deposit from the tenant. The deposit is held in our client account.

A move in date is agreed.

The tenant will sign the Lease and pay the first months rent prior to getting the keys to the property.

We will take meter readings and transfer the electricity and gas accounts to the tenant.

We will transfer the first months rent and the deposit minus the agreed letting fee to your account.

If you’ve chosen the full management option we will retain the deposit unless specifically requested by you.

If you do request the deposit we must inform the tenant that you are holding it.



We will be the point of contact for all requests and issues that may arise, we’ll carry out regular inspections on the property and monitor rental payments. We’ll issue RTB compliant notices when required and ensure the tenants comply with the terms of their lease.

Everything covered under LET ONLY plus the following:

We will go with the tenant to the property and make a video of the house. In our experience this is the best way to avoid disputes about the state of the property on move in.

The tenant has the opportunity to point out any defects that concern them.

With the best will in the world it is almost impossible to cover everything and the tenant may find some problems in the first week or so. Landlords should be aware of this and not completely rely on the move in inspection.

We will visit the property to carry out inspections at regular intervals to ensure the tenant is keeping the property in good condition and is complying with the terms of the lease (rubbish removal, no pets etc.)

CBPM offers complete maintenance solutions. All contractors are registered. If problems arise and exceed the agreed expenditure limits as prescribed in the property services agreement (usually €100 in the case of emergencies) then we will send you a quote before spending your money.

Should issues arise we are the tenants point of contact. They will not have your contact details unless you specifically request that we release them.

The monthly rent is paid directly to our account and we will monitor same. Once rent is received we will transfer it to your account promptly.

If rent is late we will contact the tenant to make them aware, if it’s not paid immediately we will issue PRTB compliant notices.

Before the lease ends we will contact the tenant to see if they wish to renew the lease. We will also negotiate a rent increase if warranted by market conditions.

This is standard and is included in the monthly management fee.

We’ll advise you when your rent can be increased and issue RTB compliant rent increase notices. It is increasingly likely that Laois will become a Rent Pressure Zone. It is therefore vital that your rent stays in line with market rent.

When the tenant leaves the property we will carry out a move out inspection. This inspection is crucial as the deposit return is dependant on the state of the property. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear should be deducted from the deposit.

When the tenant moves out we will transfer all utilities back into your name if necessary.